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At a Crossroads: The King of Prussia Inn--
Supplementary Resources

By studying At a Crossroads: The King of Prussia Inn students learn about the history of an inn in southeastern Pennsylvania and how it survived suburban sprawl. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

King of Prussia Chamber of Commerce
The King of Prussia Chamber of Commerce is located in the King of Prussia Inn. Visit their website for an indepth interview with Al Paschall about moving, managing, and paying for the relocation of old buildings. Mr. Paschall led the campaign to relocate and restore the King of Prussia Inn.

PENNDOT Cultural Resources Management Program
Visit the PENNDOT website for more information about their cultural resources program and for details about some of their historic preservation efforts including the King of Prussia Inn. Also included on the website are the procedures PENNDOT must follow to insure that proposed transportation improvement projects will do no unnecessary harm to the Commonwealth's heritage.

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC)
Visit the PHMC website for more information about Pennsylvania history and historic preservation. Included on the website is a section title Protecting Historic Places which provides local, regional, and federal tools to protect historic resources.

National Park Service Archeology and Ethnography Program
The National Park Service is steward of a diverse cultural legacy. From the cliff dwellings of the Southwest to the reminiscences of neighborhood residents where Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up, this legacy represents a continuum of American heritage--its places, objects, and traditions. The NPS Archeology and Ethnography Program provides national leadership, coordination, and technical guidance to aid in preserving this heritage. For the public, this website offers in-depth features on archeological projects, information on how to learn and participate in archeology, and a variety of teacher resources.

Society for American Archeology
The Society for American Archeology (SAA) is an international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archeological heritage of the Americas. Included on the website is an extensive education section that provides Guidelines for the Evaluation of Archeology Education Materials among its many resources

Society for Historical Archeology
The Society for Historical Archeology (SHA) is the largest scholarly group concerned with the archeology of the modern world (A.D. 1400-present). The main focus of the society is the era since the beginning of European exploration. Included on the website are a variety of online publication links and research tools.

Valley Forge National Historical Park
Valley Forge National Historical Park commemorates more than the collective sacrifices and dedication of the Revolutionary War generation, it pays homage to the ability of everyday Americans to pull together and overcome adversity during extraordinary times. Despite the privations suffered by the army at Valley Forge, George Washington and his generals built a unified professional military organization that ultimately enabled the Continental Army to triumph over the British.

International Association of Structural Movers (IASM)
For more details and photographs about the careful moving of the King of Prussia Inn, visit the IASM magazine online.

Library of Congress: Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)/ Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) Collection
Search the HABS/HAER collection for detailed drawings, pictures, and documentation from their survey of the King of Prussia Inn. HABS/HAER is a division of the National Park Service.


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