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Illustrations 1a & 1b: Letter from the Secretary of War regarding permanent grave markers. [Illustration 1a] with link to larger version of photo.

[Illustration 1b] with link to larger version of photo.

(RG 92, Records of the Quartermaster General, National Archives.)
Text only version of Illustrations 1a & 1b.

The hand-written document pictured here is a portion of a letter from Secretary of War W.W. Belknap to Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs on June 23, 1873, stating his selection of permanent headstone to mark the graves of known and unknown veterans.

Questions for Illustrations 1a & 1b

1. What were some considerations relevant to the preparation and finish of the headstones/markers and the information on them?

2. What distinguishes the markers for the known dead compared to the unknown dead?

3. What might a cemetery's latitude have to do with the dimension of headstones?

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