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Illustration 1: Brochure cover prepared by the Colorado Springs Committee, 1954.[Illustration 1] with link to larger version of image.
(Courtesy Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce)

Colorado Springs residents had campaigned to bring the Academy to their city since 1949, when the first Academy Site Selection Board was formed. The Colorado Springs Committee presented this brochure (and many others) to the Site Selection Commission to convince the members to choose their city. As one reporter stated in July 1954, "It was neither politics nor propaganda that brought the United States Air Force Academy to Colorado, but the excellence of the site and the quiet persistence of Colorado Springs leaders who had been working on the project for six years."1

Questions for Illustration 1

1. Why were Colorado Springs residents anxious to have the Air Force Academy in their area? (Refer back to Reading 3, if necessary.)

2. Based on the illustration, what features of Colorado Springs did the committee try to emphasize?

3. What do you think the image of the cadets was intended to convey?

4. Look up the words "booster" and "boosterism." Do you think this brochure cover is an example of boosterism? Explain your answer.

1 Christian Science Monitor, July 1954. As quoted in George V. Fagan, The Air Force Academy: An Illustrated History (Boulder, Col.: Johnson Books, 1988), 48.

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