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Illustration 4: Corinth after the Confederate Retreat, May 1862. [Illustration 4] with link to larger version of photo.
Retreat of the Confederates from Corinth, Miss., and entry of the Federal army--The advance of General Halleck compelled the evacuation from Corinth by the Confederates who departed by night after firing the town at all important places and blowing up the magazines. Sketch by Henry Lovie. (Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, June 21, 1862)

Questions for Illustration 4

1. According to the caption, this illustration shows the retreat of the Confederate army from Corinth and the entry of Union troops. Examine the illustration closely. Describe the various activities that appear to be taking place. Do you think the image shows what the caption says? Why or why not? How does this compare to what is described in Reading 1?

2. What might have caused all the smoke visible in the illustration?

3. Based on this image and the map shown in Illustration 1, how big a town do you think Corinth was?

4. An estimated 300,000 Union and Confederate soldiers moved through Corinth during the course of the Civil War. What sort of impact do you think these troop movements would have had on the town?

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