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Visual Evidence

Photo 6: First Flight markers today. [Photo 6] with link to larger version of photo.
(National Park Service)

Photo 7: Wright brothers' monument today. [Photo 7] with link to larger version of photo.
(National Park Service)

The large granite boulder in the right background of Photo 6 designates the approximate takeoff spot of the first flight on December 17, 1903. The marker in the right foreground designates the approximate landing spot of that first 120-foot flight. The Wright brothers' monument atop Big Kill Devil Hill is visible in the distance.

Photo 7 shows the Wright brothers' monument today. The inscription along the base of the monument reads:

In Commemoration of the Conquest of the Air
By the Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright
Conceived By Genius
Achieved by Dauntless Resolution and Unconquerable Faith

Questions for Photos 6 & 7

1. Windy and sandy conditions brought the Wright brothers to the Outer Banks in the first place. According to Reading 3, what impact did these conditions have on the site in the years after their experiments?

2. Based on information in Reading 3, how accurate do you think the placement of the marker stones might be? Do you think they contribute to our understanding of what the Wright brothers accomplished at this site? Explain your answer.

3. Do you agree or disagree with the decision to stabilize Big Kill Devil Hill sand dune with grass and plantings to prevent it from further shifting? Explain your answer.

4. Do you think the memorial's design is an appropriate tribute to the Wright brothers? Why or why not?

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