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Map 3: The Lewis and Clark Trail.¹

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This map highlights the route the expedition traveled on their two year, four month, 10 day journey. It also shows what areas some of the different American Indian tribes inhabited.

Many of the sites noted on the map were previously uncharted by European Americans; therefore, Lewis and Clark named these noteworthy sites. However, some sites were already well known by Indian names which were translated into English and used by the explorers.

Questions for Map 3

1. Using the scale provided, calculate approximately how many miles the expedition covered from Camp River DuBois to Fort Clatsop and back. Keep in mind that they were traveling on diverse terrain such as rivers and mountains, so it would be difficult to come to an exact calculation on the miles they covered. Do you think the amount of time it took to travel roundtrip was reasonable? Keep in mind that the expedition traveled on horseback, and by boat and on foot, and did not travel during winter. If you traveled this trail by car averaging 600 miles per day at 60 miles per hour, how many hours per day would you be on the road? How many days would it take you to travel the trail roundtrip?

2. Based on the terrain noted on the map, which section of the country would appear to be most difficult to travel through?

3. Locate Lemhi Pass, Lolo Trail, and Fort Clatsop on the map. What Indian tribes inhabited the surrounding area of these three trail sites? Why do you think the development of good relationship with the American Indians would be crucial to the success of the expedition?

¹To view a full version, please visit the map in PDF format on the National Park Service website.

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