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Transcript of Document 1A: Danny's Diary April 21 & 22, 1910-1914.

21. April
1910 Thursday - I went to see the new Tisdale baby and brought the children home.
Mrs. Douglas - Margaret and I went to High School Play - "Priscilla" in evening.

1911 Friday - Went out driving with children
Mrs. Douglas came home last night
Had a treatment from Dr. Miller in evening.

1912 Sunday - At home all day.
Children played in doors as it was cold and disagreeable in p.m.

1913 Monday - Mrs. Douglas busy in garden all day.
I busied myself about the house.
Children started into school work with Miss Henderson.
Rachel and Mary Ann joined them
Mr. & Mrs. D. went to opera house
Mrs. Sinclair called

1914 Tuesday - Mrs. Douglas busy with new cook and the garden
I walked to town
Ellen not in school this week
Barbara - sort of gone back on Kindergarten

22. April
1910 Friday - Busy in morning putting away clothes - took Miss Duphe to station
Margaret Powel came to stay all night.

1911 Saturday - Down to Miss Taylors in afternoon quite a lump in my stomach all day so did not have any supper am going to sleep with children though

1912 Monday - Margaret and I start for New York - so we had a busy day
Gave Mrs. Douglas a shampoo.
Helped Margaret pack her trunk down town and went to train at 10 p.m.

1913 Tuesday - Mrs. Douglas and I did some work in dining room this morning
Mr. Piper, Tooker, and James Douglas and Alec her[e] for dinner.
Mr. Douglas sold the coach horses.

1914 Wednesday - Mrs. Douglas and I had a nice walk through Bever Park.
Rose fell down stairs in evening.

Transcript of Document 1B: Danny's Diary October 22 & 23, 1910-1914.

22. October
1910 Saturday - Mornings work - beautiful day Anna out with children.
Out riding in p.m. stopped at Y.W. [C.A.] for Mrs. D.
Over to Mrs. Niles in evening

1911 Sunday - I went to church with Mrs. Douglas we walked down wore my new bonnet cold and rainy in p.m.
Children in all afternoon but played nicely up stairs.
Mr. & Mrs. Cook were out and I took them home in electric.

1912 Tuesday - Mrs. Douglas and I had our first game of "Squash" this morning
A nice walk through Bever Park.
I wrote to Mrs. Ellis in evening.

1913 Wednesday - Putting away clean clothes and went to town.
Carriaged all the children home.
They were all out with Neddie too this morning.
Good letters from Margaret

1914 Thursday - After going to school we walked to Y.W. [C.A.]
In p.m. Mrs. Holmes came to see us
Ellen went to story telling class
Ann Hamilton came to play with Barbara

23. October
1910 Sunday - Went to church. Bro Sherrick preached for "Rededication" of church.
Lydia E was out in afternoon - and she, Alice, and I went to church in evening.

1911 Monday - We cleaned down stairs
Mrs. D. Alec. Theresa and I - books and regular dusting time. Anna helped in p.m.
Mrs. D. and I had a nice walk from 11 - 12 -

1912 Wednesday - We mended and put away clothes.
I took Ellen to music in p.m.
Then on over to factory with Mrs. Douglas - Little Anne came home with us and they had a fine play making mud pies -

1913 Thursday - A very beautiful sunny morning I walked to town meet Miss Twin.
Joined Smyth at Hospital
Went to see Nelson about long coat. Rose and I spent the p.m. in town also. Barbara went with Loretta and to Tom. Elijah's party.

1914 Friday - Mrs. Douglas and I walked to school and on down town and Horn met us with auto
The childrens new dresser came from Miss Rice.

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