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Links to Lesson Plans on World War II
Links to San Francisco Bay Area History, Tourism and Preservation Websites

Links to Websites of Places Featured in this Itinerary
Selected Bibliography for World War II in the San Francisco Bay Area
Children's Literature

Links to Lesson Plans on World War II

The Bay Area is the ideal learning laboratory to bring the lessons of the World War II era home to students in a tangible way. Numerous schools and diverse populations exist in close proximity to places of interest in terms of the social, ethnic and military stories of the time. Many of the places included in this travel itinerary make ideal field trips that reinforce the lessons of the classroom. Whether you are able to visit the actual places or their websites, the lesson plans highlighted in this section offer excellent ways to bring meaning to the era by association with tangible places. They also provide an opportunity to emphasize important subjects, such as the wartime internment of Japanese Americans that are not yet well represented by places listed in the National Register located in the Bay Area. So whether you are looking for specific activities to teach politics, social trends, economics or military history, these lesson plans offer a sample of the very best the web has to offer.

Teaching with Historic Places
This program uses properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics, and other subjects.
The War Relocation Camps of World War II: When Fear Was Stronger Than Justice
Attu: North American Battleground of World War II
The Battle of Midway: Turning the Tide in the Pacific
Remembering Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona Memorial

Organization of American Historians
Several lessons were published in a past issue (available online) of this organization's Magazine of History. Their Wartime Production lesson plan is also available separately.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History
A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution

California Military History Educational Project
Curriculum Guide and Teacher Resources for the Implementation of a Thematic Unit on California's Contribution to World War II

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Module on World War II

Links to San Francisco Bay Area History, Tourism and Preservation Websites

National Parks in the San Francisco Bay Area
Locate the National Parks in California and the San Francisco Bay Area highlighted in this itinerary, including Golden Gate National Recreation Area (including the Presidio of San Francisco), San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, Rosie the Riveter--World War II Home Front National Historic Park (see also the Rosie the Riveter Trust), and Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial. Further afield is the Manzanar National Historic Site--the best preserved Japanese American internment camp from World War II.

[photo] Logo for the National Trust for Historic Preservation

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Learn about the programs of and membership in the oldest national nonprofit preservation organization.

Historic Hotels of America
A feature of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Heritage Traveler program that provides information on historic hotels and package tours in the vicinity of this itinerary.

San Francisco Public Library
The San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection contains photographs and works on paper of San Francisco and California views from 1850 to the present.

Organization of American Historians
Learn more about the largest learned society devoted to the study of American history.

California Office of Historic Preservation Department of Parks and Recreation
Preserving and enhancing California's irreplaceable historic heritage as a matter of public interest so that its vital legacy of cultural, educational, recreational, aesthetic, economic, social, and environmental benefits will be maintained and enriched for present and future generations.

San Francisco Bay Area Travel and Tourism Information
Tourist information on lodging, dining, events and attractions in the Bay Area from the California Travel and Tourism Commission.

San Francisco Bay Seacoast Defenses 1776-1974
Learn more about these seacoast defenses that span more than 200 years of history and were constructed by three different nations.

Museum of the City of San Francisco
Virtual exhibit on internment of San Francisco Japanese

National Japanese American Historical Society
Dedicated to the preservation, promotion and dissemination of materials relating to the history and culture of Japanese Americans.

Una Storia Segreta: The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Internment during World War II

California Military Museum
The official military museum and historical research center of the State of California. Their website provides further information on California and the Second World War and the Harbor Defenses of San Francisco.

National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers
The professional association of the State government officials who carry out the national historic preservation program as delegates of the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended.

Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER)
The HABS/HAER program documents important architectural, engineering and industrial sites throughout the United States and its territories. Their collections, including a number of places highlighted in this itinerary, are archived at the Library of Congress and available online. You can view these by clicking on the link above and entering search terms such as the name of the town or specific site.

World War II Related National Park
The National Park Service History Program presents a list of relevant World War II National Parks, and other links to information on World War II.

Northwestern University Library Government Publications and Maps
Visit the World War II Poster Collection The Government Publications Department at the Northeastern University Library, which services the Evanston and Chicago Campus libraries. Northwestern University Library has a comprehensive collection of over 300 posters issued by U.S. Federal agencies from the onset of war through 1945.

National Park Service Office of Sustainable Tourism
National Parks have been interwoven with tourism from their earliest days. This website highlights the ways in which the National Park Service promotes and supports sustainable, responsible, informed, and managed visitor use through cooperation and coordination with the tourism industry.

National Scenic Byways Program
This website, maintained by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, includes information on state and nationally designated byway routes throughout America based on their archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities. Visit the America’s Byways Route 1 - Big Sur Coast Highway website for more ideas.

Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itineraries 
Other travel itineraries in the National Park Service's ongoing series include many historic destinations that you can visit online or in person.  Each itinerary spotlights a different geographic region, community, or theme.

Links to Websites of Places Featured in this Itinerary


Selected Bibliography for San Francisco Bay Area and World War II

The literature of World War II is vast, wide and deep. The catalog of the San Francisco Public Library contains 1,630 subject headings under the main heading of World War, 1939-1945. Wading through this literature is sometimes daunting for those looking for specific kinds of materials. The following selections highlight works that the authors used to develop this website, as well as those that offer more breadth and content for those who want different kinds of information. In terms of literature on the Home Front in the Bay Area, we especially recommend Roger W. Lotchin’s The Bad City in the Good War, Marilynn S. Johnson’s The Second Gold Rush, and Albert S. Broussard’s Black San Francisco. A little further afield, Kevin Starr’s Embattled Dreams is an excellent examination of California in the decade of the 1940s. And Richard Lingeman’s Don’t You Know There’s A War On? is a classic and lively description of the Home Front with a nationwide sweep. The internment of Japanese Americans inspired a great deal of writing in many genres: historical context, legal analysis and personal memoir. Among the best of the latter are Jeanne Watkasuki Huston’s Farewell to Manzanar and Yoshiko Uchida’s Journey to Topaz. An unforgettable novel on the subject, removed from the Bay Area geographically but still relevant, is David Guterson’s Snow Falling On Cedars, which demonstrates how the internment affected all the citizens of the area, not just those of Japanese ancestry. There is no dearth of military histories of World War II, but two of those that focus on the Bay Area in fascinating detail are Brian B. Chin’s Artillery at the Golden Gate and John A. Martini’s Alcatraz at War.

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Children's Literature

Adams, Simon. Eyewitness: World War II (Eyewitness Books). New York: DK Publishing, 2000.

Ambrose, Stephen. The Good Fight: How World War II Was Won. New York: Atheneum, 2001.

Colman, Penny. Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II. New York: Crown Books for Young Readers, 1998.

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Stanley, Jerry. I am an American: A True Story of Japanese Internment. New York: Crown Books for Young Readers, 1996.

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