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Photos courtesy of Galveston Historical Foundation

Built in 1877 in Aberdeen, Scotland, the bark Elissa carried various cargoes during its century-long career, beginning with a shipload of Welsh coal that it took to Brazil. It put into Galveston in 1883, bringing bananas in and taking cotton out. In 1970, about to be scrapped, Elissa was instead saved and ultimately restored to complement Galveston's historic waterfront. The official "Tall Ship of Texas," it is now considered the second-oldest operational sailing vessel in the world and one of the three oldest merchant vessels still afloat. Open and accessible to the public, Elissa allows visitors to participate as working crew members, providing a firsthand perspective on square-riggers, maritime culture, seafaring and maritime preservation.

Elissa, a National Historic Landmark, is located at Pier 21 at Harborside Dr. in Galveston. The ship is operated by the Texas Seaport Museum and is open daily 10:00am to 5:00pm; closed Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is a fee for admission. For further information call 409-763-1877 or visit the museum's website.


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