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[photo] Little Church in La Villita
Courtesy of www.lavillita.com, photographer Rick Hunter

Once the site of a Coahuiltecan Indian village, the La Villita Historic District portrays the building traditions of the early Mexican, European and Anglo American settlers who shaped the history of San Antonio. During the Spanish colonial period, the site was a barrio or small neighborhood, referred to as the "Town of the Alamo." The "town" evolved from the houses constructed in the 1760s for families of Spanish soldiers attached to the San Antonio de Bexar Presidio. Because it sat on relatively high ground, La Villita began to appeal to the wealthier families of San Antonio. During the 1840s, German and later Swiss and French immigrants moved into the district, modifying the community and adding European style architecture. The La Villita Historic District preserves building types typical of early Texas architecture in the 19th century.

The La Villita Historic District is bounded by Durango, Navarro, Alamo sts. and the San Antonio River in downtown San Antonio, aprroximately four blocks from The Alamo. Shops are generally open daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm. For further information, call 210-207-7235, visit San Antonio's website or www.lavillita.com.

The Fairmont Hotel, located in La Villita Historic District, is a Historic Hotels of America member, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


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