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[photo] Fort Lancaster
Courtesy of Fort Lancaster State Historic Site
Located in the Pecos River Valley, the ruins of Fort Lancaster are a vivid reminder of the 19th-century Texas frontier. Fort Lancaster was one of a series of forts built for the protection of settlers passing through Texas on the way to California. Constructed in 1855 in a rugged territory of cliffs and ravines, Fort Lancaster became a United States military post in 1856, but was abandoned by Federal troops when Texas seceded from the Union. The fort became the site for bivouacs in 1867 and during the Kiowa and Comanche uprising in 1871, and was again abandoned a few years later. The site includes the ruins of 29 buildings, a lime kiln, and a cemetery.

Fort Lancaster State Historic Site is located eight miles east of Sheffield on U.S. 290, 10 miles south of I-10. The Museum and Visitor Center are open 8:00am to 5:00pm daily. There is a fee for admission. For more information call 432-836-4391 or visit the fort's website.



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