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Scotts Bluff, Nebraska

Saddle Club

Saddle Club
Saddle Club
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Established in 1947 to promote horseback riding, horsemanship, horse shows, and safe riding experiences, the Saddle Club was the first organized equestrian club in Scottsbluff. Since its inception, the Saddle Club has been an important community institution within Scotts Bluff County.  The club held its first horse show in 1948, the same year it purchased land for a new home for the club.  In April of 1949, the club celebrated the construction of its new clubhouse with a grand opening featuring a square dance in the building.  The club sits on some 9 acres of land on the western edge of Scottsbluff, just north of the North Platte River.  On the grounds are the historic clay tile brick clubhouse, several arenas, two round corrals, and horse barns and runs.

The organization was created at a time when daily life across the western Nebraska Panhandle was becoming increasingly mechanized. Club founders hoped that their organization would help local residents maintain a tangible link to equestrian activities and that the club would promote community involvement. The club’s activities illustrate its drive for community action. These have included everything from sponsoring local horse shows, to organizing town-wide square dances and a Pony Express ride reenactment, to providing education on proper care and maintenance of horses for adults and young people. Socially, the Saddle Club has passed along "horse sense" to generations who otherwise may have had no opportunity to learn the official creed the club enacted, known as "A Trail Rider's Creed." In doing so, the Saddle Club keeps alive the rich and vibrant history that defines the Scotts Bluff region.
A Trail Rider’s Creed
As a Trail Rider, I will recognize the following obligations:  To my mount—those considerations known as good horsemanship.  To my fellow riders—those common courtesies of the right of way, which provide for the safety of others.  To Society—never to perform any act of destruction or neglect.

I will remember:  That a cigarette may be down but is never out.  Fire is one of our best friends, yet our worst enemy.  That fences were erected both to keep animals in and out; and that the gates therein must be kept as the owner desires. That signs are erected for our safety and guidance and must be observed. - taken from the Saddle Club meeting minutes.
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The Saddle Club is located at approximately the 1800 block of South Beltline Highway West in Scottsbluff.  The club is a members-only organization. More information can be obtained by calling 308-641-2940 or visiting the Saddle Club website.

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