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Links to Raleigh History, Tourism and Preservation Websites
Links to Websites of Places Featured in this Itinerary
Selected Bibliography for Raleigh

Links to Raleigh History, Tourism and Preservation Websites

Raleigh Historic Districts Commission
The Raleigh Historic Development Commission serves as the City Council’s official historic preservation advisory body to identify, preserve, protect and educate the public about Raleigh’s historic resources.

City of Raleigh
Find out more about the city's government, businesses, residents and leisure.

Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau
Official source for Raleigh area visitors and event information. Browse through listings of accommodations, attractions, events, restaurants and more.

Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
Browse this website for information on businesses and organizations that can help you plan your next vacation, move or business venture.

Raleigh City Museum
A private, non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting the history of Raleigh, North Carolina's capital city.

Wake County Historic Preservation Commission
Created in 1992 to preserve districts and landmarks in Wake County that embody important elements of the county's culture, history, architectural history or prehistory, and to promote the use and conservation of such districts and landmarks for the education, pleasure and enrichment of the residents of the State.

North Carolina Division of Archives and History
This state office collects, preserves and utilizes the state's historic resources so that present and future residents may better understand their history.

North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office
This state office assists private citizens, private institutions, local governments, and agencies of state and Federal Government in the identification, evaluation, protection, and enhancement of properties significant in North Carolina history and archeology.

Preservation North Carolina
This private, non-profit statewide organization protects and promotes buildings, sites and landscapes important to the diverse heritage of North Carolina. Through its award-winning endangered properties program, Preservation NC acquires endangered historic properties and then finds purchasers willing and able to rehabilitate them.

National Alliance of Preservation Commissions
NAPC represents the nation's preservation design review commissions, provides technical support and manages an information network to help local commissions accomplish their preservation objectives.

Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER)
The HABS/HAER program documents important architectural, engineering and industrial sites throughout the United States and its territories. Its collections are archived at the Library of Congress and available online.

National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers
The professional association of the State government officials who carry out the national historic preservation program as delegates of the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended.

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Learn about the programs of, and membership, in the oldest national nonprofit preservation organization.

Historic Hotels of America
A feature of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Heritage Traveler program that provides information on historic hotels and package tours in the vicinity of this itinerary.

National Park Service Office of Tourism
National Parks have been interwoven with tourism from their earliest days. This website highlights the ways in which the National Park Service promotes and supports sustainable, responsible, informed and managed visitor use through cooperation and coordination with the tourism industry.

National Scenic Byways Program
This website, maintained by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, includes information on state and nationally designated byway routes throughout America based on their archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities. Visit the America’s Byways Outer Banks Scenic Byway website for more ideas.

Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itineraries 
Other travel itineraries in the National Park Service's ongoing series include many historic destinations that you can visit online or in person.  Each itinerary spotlights a different geographic region, community, or theme.

Teaching with Historic Places
This website, maintained by the National Park Service, offers online classroom-ready place-based lesson plans created by historians and educators to help teachers use historic places in the classroom.  Each lesson is linked to national standards for history and the social studies.

Links to Websites of Places Featured in this Itinerary 

Selected Bibliography for Raleigh

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