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November Club and Cutler-Handy House

November Club November Club

Cutler-Handy House Cutler-Handy House

In this sophisticated, middle-class neighborhood of business owners and professionals, the November Club catered to a well-educated and socially elite group of women who used the building as an events and meeting hall. In nearly every village, town, and city in the nation in the 19th century, middle-class white women founded local clubs to serve as centers for literary and cultural exchange. At the time, men had clubs to which they went throughout the day, and as women became more interested in issues such as suffrage, temperance, and education, they formed similar clubs to serve their own social needs. The club members most often built or purchased club buildings as central meeting places for dialogue and education. In 1891, at the instigation of Miss Elizabeth Handy, the November Club building, a skilled rendition of the Shingle style, would become the first structure in New England built to function as a club for women. The idea for the building and club was born around the corner, on Main Street at Miss Handy’s home. In this Second Empire home, Handy held a meeting in 1889 "to discuss the desirability of a Women’s Club in Andover for social and literary advantages."

Both buildings are part of the Main Street-Locke Historic District in Andover, MA. The November Club is located at 6 Locke St., and the Cutler-Handy House is located at 126 Main St. Neither building is open to the public.

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