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[photo] Church of San Germán Auxerre
Photo courtesy of the Puerto Rico Office of Historic Preservation

The Church of San Germán Auxerre overlooks the town of San Germán's main plaza. Spanish settlers founded San Germán parish in 1510 and built the first permanent church in 1688. Puerto Ricans repaired and reconstructed the church between 1717 and 1739 after it had suffered earthquake damage. Between 1834 and 1897, new repairs were made to the building, and in 1920, the tower was rebuilt after a 1918 earthquake. With trompe l'oeil painting that imitates wood coffers on the ceiling, the Church of San Germán's interior is one of the most lavishly decorated on the island.

The Church of San Germán Auxerre is located on de la Cruz St., along the town plaza, in the San Germán Historic District, Puerto Rico. Still an active church, visit daily during Mass or call 787-892-1027 for more information.


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