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As our list of travel itineraries grows, the historic destinations you can visit online or in person are virtually endless! Each itinerary is a self-guided tour to historic places most of which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Spotlighting different communities, geographic regions and themes across the country, the travel itineraries expose you to a huge variety of places significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture. The Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itineraries can help you plan your next trip!

Interested in Proposing an Itinerary?

Many of the National Register Travel Itineraries have been prepared through partnerships with local preservation organizations, historical societies, chambers of commerce, city governments, or statewide groups. Preparing an online Travel Itinerary with the National Register can be beneficial to your organization for a number of reasons. The Travel Itinerary series can help revitalize communities through increased heritage tourism, link well-known historic sites to other less-visited places, enhance awareness within your own community of important historic properties and the value of preserving them, and provide a valuable source for students, researchers and the general public searching for information about significant historic places across America. If your organization is interested in creating a National Register Travel Itinerary with us, you will need to collect the following information and materials and prepare draft content in current format used for itineraries by the NPS:

  • Geographic area or thematic concept for your itinerary

  • Identify 25-40 historic places listed in the National Register of Historic Places

  • Descriptions for each historic place

  • Digital color and historic (if in existence) photographs and images of each historic place (at least 300dpi)

  • Current use, address, and accessibility information for each historic place

  • Short essays covering major themes of the itinerary Welcome letter from a key elected official Short bibliography

  • Internet addresses for related preservation and tourism web sites and other information
  • Use the National Register Information System to identify historic properties in your area that you would like to feature. All sites MUST be listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Contact your State Historic Preservation Office and inform them of your interest in the National Register Travel Itinerary program. Obtain a list of the National Register nominations they could provide for you.

Submit a Proposal

  • Review the Sample Proposal as you prepare your own proposal
  • Submit written proposal to:
Proposals should be sent to Carol Shull - carol_shull [at]

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