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[graphic] Walker Block and Cook Drug
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Walker Block, on the left, was built in 1896, while Cook Drug Store was built in 1930
Courtesy of Lorraine Draper

The two-story Sioux quartzite building at 106 W. Main St. was constructed for F.A. Walker in 1896. The pressed metal cornice and polished stone with the engravings "Walker Block" and "1896" are distinctive features of the building. The second floor bay window constructed in the early 1980s is a replica of the original one. Assorted saloons were located here for 78 years. At different times during the late 1890s and early 1900s the second floor was annexed to the Calumet Hotel by an arch. Since that time, the second floor has been used for professional offices and apartments. In 1972 Luksik Drug to the west in the Cook Drug building annexed the Walker Block to enlarge the store.

100 block of W. Main St., Walker Block and Cook Drug on the far left
Courtesy of Lorraine Draper

The one-story brick store at 108 W. Main St. was built for J. W. Cook's drug store in 1930. This building has a stepped parapet and a corbelled frieze. The front facade appears to be nearly original, aside from the large display windows which seem to be altered. The outstanding features of the building are the decorative arrangements on the front facade and the leaded glass window with the name J. W. Cook inscribed in the center of the amber glass. The drug store closed during the summer of 1998.

The Walker Block and Cook Drug are located at 106 and 108 W. Main St., Pipestone, respectively. They are not currently open to the public.

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