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[graphic] Ober-Hubbard Building
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Ober-Hubbard Building
Courtesy of Lorraine Draper

Wallace Dow, an architect from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, designed this building, which Leon Moore constructed in 1899. The Ober-Hubbard Block's outstanding architectural features include Sioux quartzite dentils, rounded window arches with light colored quartzite keystones, and a frieze with a stylized blind arcade bordered on both the top and the bottom with jasper stone. Unfortunately, the lower facade does not resemble the original anymore due to the installation of a later aluminum storefront. The original businesses that were housed in this building were E. W. Crosby's shoe store and D. W. Smith's Jewelry Store. In 1910 Max Menzel purchased the building and moved his drug store into it three years later. At this time, Menzel combined the two stores into one. Interestingly enough, D. W. Smith moved his jewelry store into Menzel's former building; the two essentially switched buildings. Menzel's drug store remained in the Ober-Hubbard

Historic image of the Ober-Hubbard Building, c.1904, the First National Bank at 113 W. Main is just visible to the left
Courtesy of Pipestone County Historical Society

Block for 34 years, followed by another drug store, which lasted until the early 1980s. The second floor of the building historically had been used for professional offices. Later, these were converted to apartments. The second floor of the building is now vacant. The Ober-Hubbard Building is one of three adjoining Sioux quartzite buildings on Main Street which are important visual elements in the district.

The Ober-Hubbard Block is located at 111 W. Main St., Pipestone. Now a photography store, it is open to the public during normal business hours.

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