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[graphic] Mackay Block
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Front facade of Mackay Block
Courtesy of Lorraine Draper

The city of Pipestone made good use of its natural resources in that many buildings utilized the Sioux quartzite for a sturdy building material, and the Mackay Block is no exception. Built in 1898 by Leon Moore for Fraser Mackay, the focal point of this two-story Romanesque building is the second floor oriel window. The building's facade is embellished with a checkerboard patterned frieze of pink and red Sioux quartzite and pink belt coursing. There is also a small white stone in the upper west corner with the inscription "F. MACKAY 1898."

In earlier years, the building was a dry goods store and grocery followed by the Gem Theatre for 20 years. An iron balcony was removed during a 1913 remodeling and enlargement phase. While inspecting the addition to the rear of the building during this time, Fraser MacKay, the building owner, fell off the scaffolding and died hours later of his injuries. During another remodeling phase in 1964 in which a bakery was housed in the building, the transom windows were replaced with large colored tiles and the oriel window was removed. Only a few years later in 1977, the building

Mackay Block is the second building from left, next to the Ferris Grand Block, The "L" and Moore Block
Courtesy of Lorraine Draper

again was remodeled to restore its original front and the oriel window was replicated. The old butcher-block table and ovens from the building's bakery days are still located in the back area.

The Mackay Block is located at 110 W. Main St., Pipestone. It is now a ladies dress shop, Clothier By Dawn, open to the public during normal business hours.

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