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[graphic] Gerber Hospital
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[photo] Gerber Hospital, Jasper
Courtesy of Lorraine Draper

The Gerber Hospital, the small town of Jasper's first and only hospital, was constructed around 1914 for Dr. Louise M. Gerber. Modeled after a chalet in Gerber's homeland of Switzerland, the hospital was constructed of the stone from a building across the street that had collapsed because of a poor foundation. Dr. Gerber living quarters were in the basement level, while the upper floors were hospital wards. At one time the front porch was enclosed and served as a hospital ward. The building remained a hospital until 1932 when it was sold. The hospital was turned into a private residence in 1939, at which time the interior arches and

[photo] Gerber Hospital c.1920
Courtesy of Jasper Area Historical Society
room designs changed. A Sioux quartzite fireplace was also added at that time. The frame roof has stick style elements: a gentle pitch, broad gables and projecting rafters. The stone construction, of Jasper Sioux quartzite, is visually striking. The raised basement has lunette windows. The garage at the rear of the house is of similar style and was built at the same time.

The Gerber Hospital and Garage are located at 120 E. Wall St., Jasper. Still a private residence, it is not open to the public.

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