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[graphic] Clymer Block
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Clymer Block
Courtesy of Lorraine Draper

This two-story Sioux quartzite building is distinguished by two short pyramidal quartzite finials that sit on either side of the cornice with "18" carved in the east one and "90" in the west. Contractor William Frost and builder J. M. Poorbaugh built the building for O. Clymer in 1890. The most distinctive features of this building include the corbelled cornice interspersed with jasper, arched windows with Sioux quartzite voussoirs and jasper keystones imposts. The first floor facade has been modified from the original design.

The city post office occupied the first floor upon completion of the building and remained there for eight years. In July of 1898, a one-story addition was added to the rear of the building to house the seed and feed department of a grocery store. The Colonial Sweet shop moved into the building in 1914 and three years later, installed a $1,500 organ. In 1919, the Colonial Sweet shop relocated to its new building, The Colonial. The Eagle Cafe also occupied this site, and although it changed hands, it lasted for over 75 years.

Historic sketch of Clymer Block, c.1890
Courtesy of Pipestone County Historical Society

In 1920, a second story was added to the 1898 rear addition, complementing the original two-story building. An ice cream factory and bottling works were located in the new addition with a restaurant located in the front part. A photography studio occupied the second floor from 1893 to 1955. George Chesley had the first studio which consisted of five rooms. He sold his business in 1923 to C. E. Sogn who ran the studio until selling it to S. G. Claseman in 1947. Currently, the Pipestone County Museum owns approximately 3,000 of Chelsey's glass negatives, mostly of local residents, which date from the 1880s to the 1920s. Since the early 1950s, the second floor has been occupied as an apartment.

The Clymer Block is located at 114 W. Main St. Now a used clothing store, Second Edition, it is open to the public during regular business hours.

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