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[graphic] Pipestone City Hall
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Pipestone City Hall, now the Pipestone County Museum
Courtesy of Lorraine Draper

Among one of the more imposing buildings in town, C. C. Smith and Mr. Leeds constructed Pipestone City Hall in 1896 following the architectural designs of Wallace Dow. The building is constructed of Sioux quartzite and took only seven months to complete at a cost of $7,822. This building stands out in the streetscape of the city with its stepped parapet, finials and round arch window. A bell tower was removed from the third floor due to the structural instability of the roof. This building is notable in the city for its distinctive architectural style. The three-story building is built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and displays heavy rusticated lintels. The most character-defining feature of the building is the saddle back roof with gables adorned with stone coping and finials. The Richardsonian Romanesque style became popular during the late 19th century because of its association with the industrialization of America. The robust stone arches and fortified walls symbolized strength and masculinity, two images that abound with the energy of industrialization and the expansion of the railroads across America during this period. The abundance of Sioux quartzite in Pipestone was conducive to the Romanesque style which became popular in the town.

Pipestone City Hall, c.1897
Courtesy of Pipestone County Historical Society

The City Hall Building originally housed the fire department, the local government offices and the city water system. Over the next 64 years, the building also housed the city lock up, public library, gymnasium, meeting hall and teen center. The fire department and the city offices moved to new locations in 1959 and 1960, respectively. In 1966, the city deeded the building to the Pipestone County Historical Society. Following major renovation and repair to the interior of the building, the Pipestone County Museum opened in 1968. The museum and its staff offer an excellent source for historical information concerning Pipestone County and its people through changing exhibits, historical and genealogical research and publications.

The Pipestone City Hall Building, which now houses the Pipestone County Museum, is located at 113 S. Hiawatha Ave., Pipestone. The building is open to the public 10:00am to 5:00pm daily. There is a fee for nonmembers. Call 1-866-PIPEMUS for more information.

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