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Preparing for the Journey
Monticello, Charlottesville, VA
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, West Virginia, Virginia, Marlyand
American Philosophical Society Hall, Philadelphia, PA
Big Bone Lick State Park, Union, KY
Old Clarksville Site, Clarksville, Indiana
Fort Massac Site, Metropolis, Illinois
The Expedition
Old Cahokia Courthouse, Cahokia


Jefferson National Expansion Memorial National Historic Site, St. Louis
St. Charles Historic District, St. Louis
Tavern Cave, St. Albans
Rocheport Historic District, Rocheport
Arrow Rock, Saline County
Fort Osage, Sibley
Leary Site, Rulo
Fort Atkinson, Fort Calhoun
Sergeant Floyd Monument, Sioux City
Spirit Mound, Vermillion
Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, Stanton
Big Hidatsa Village Site, Stanton
Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, Williston
Lewis and Clark Camp at Slaughter River, Missouri River
Great Falls Portage, Great Falls
Tower Rock, Cascade
Three Forks of the Missouri, Three Forks
Beaverhead Rock-Lewis and Clark Expedition, Dillon
Lemhi Pass, (also in Idaho)
Clark's Lookout, August 13, 1805, Dillon
Traveler's Rest, Lolo
Lolo Trail (also in Idaho), Lolo
Nez Perce National Historical Park (also in Idaho), Wisdom
Pompey's Pillar (return trip), Yellowstone River
Camp Disappointment (return trip), Browning
Two Medicine Fight Site (return trip), Cut Bank


Lemhi Pass (also in Montana)
Lolo Trail (also in Montana), Weippe Prairie
Weippe Prairie, Spalding
Nez Perce National Historical Park (also in Montana), Spalding
Rock Fort Campsite, The Dalles
Fort Clatsop National Memorial (winter of 1806), Astoria
Cape Disappointment Historic District, Ilwaco
Chinook Point, Chinook
Lewis & Clark Trail--Travois Road, Pataha Creek
After The Expedition
Locust Grove, Louisville, Kentucky
Natchez Trace Parkway, Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi

Sites are listed geographically and chronologically as they were encountered,
except where noted in italics. You can also explore them with a strictly chronological list.

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