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[graphic] map of Lewis and Clark Expedition

1 Old Cahokia Courthouse 18 Camp Disappointment
2 Jefferson National Expansion Memorial 19 Three Forks of the Missouri
3 St. Charles Historic District 20 Beaverhead Rock
4 Tavern Cave 21 Clark's Lookout
5 Rocheport 22 Traveler's Rest
6 Arrow Rock 23 Pompey's Pillar
7 Fort Osage 24 Two Medicine Fight Site
8 Leary Site 25 Lemhi Pass
9 Fort Atkinson 26 Lolo Trail
10 Sergeant Floyd Monument 27 Weippe Prairie
11 Spirit Mound 28 Nez Perce National Historical Park
12 Knife River Indian Villages 29 Rock Fort Campsite
13 Big Hidatsa Village Site 30 Fort Clatsop
14 Fort Union 31 Cape Disappointment
15 Camp at Slaughter River 32 Chinook Point
16 Great Falls Portage 33 Lewis and Clark Trail-Travois Road
17 Tower Rock    


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