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Kingston City Hall
Photograph by John E. Reinhardt

  Kingston City Hall, c. 1885
Photograph courtesy of John F. Matthews

A fine example of Victorian architecture, Kingston City Hall stands as a prominent landmark at the community's center. It is a prime expression of the growing wealth and economic importance of the city during the canal and steamboat era of the mid-19th century. At the time of City Hall's construction in 1872, Kingston--an established town since the late 1600s--and Rondout--a small but booming village due to its prime location just off the Hudson and the terminus for the Delaware and Hudson Canal--had just consolidated and incorporated as the City of Kingston. Situated directly on the boundary line between Kingston and Rondout, the location of the city hall was a model of compromise. Erected to serve the new city, construction began during a period of economic hyperactivity in the area's development; Kingston had just been designated the county seat, the area was one of the nation's primary sources for bluestone and cement; it served as a terminal of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, and three Railroads intersected in the middle of town. The lively architecture of the building reflects the community's prosperity and optimism for the future--continuous white brick belt courses break up the red-brick exterior, entry ways are marked with elaborate sculpture and carvings, and a prominent bell tower provides a dramatic and commanding view of the entire town. In 1927, the bell tower underwent alteration after a fire, and certain expensive-to-maintain decorative elements have been removed, but the building today remains largely unaltered. The Kingston City Hall served as the town's municipal office exactly 100 years, until 1972, when the city offices moved to a new city hall. The City of Kingston has recently completed an extensive restoration and renovation, and is now reoccupied by the city government.

The Old City Hall is located at 420 Broadway, across from Kingston High School. Now the headquarters of the City offices, the building is open to the public during normal business hours. Contact the City Hall offices at 845-331-0080, or visit their website.

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