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Photograph courtesy of Scenic America: Deborah L. Myerson

Built c.1890 as the retirement home of Robert T. Hempstone, a Baltimore businessman, Waverly displays the personal prosperity of its original owner. At a time when the economy of Loudoun County still suffered from the devastating effects of the Civil War, large dwellings such as Waverly were built primarily by individuals who had acquired their wealth elsewhere. A finely appointed example of a late Victorian residence incorporating features of both the Queen Anne and Colonial Revival styles, the house was built by

Waverly: c.1904
Photograph courtesy of Virginia Department of Historic Resources Archives
the Leesburg firm of John Norris and Sons, probably using a scheme published in one of the many architectural design catalogues of the period. Waverly stood in shabby condition for many years but was restored in the 1980s and again in 1995, after a major fire, as the centerpiece of an office development known as Waverly Park Corporate Center.

Waverly is located at 212 South King St., in Leesburg. Now private business offices, the building is not open to the public.


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