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Burgandine House
Photograph courtesy of Scenic America: Ray Foote

The Burgandine House has long been considered to be Culpeper's oldest dwelling. Architectural evidence suggests that as originally built, it was a story-and-half structure put up in the late 18th century or the first part of the 19th century, and was probably a laborer's residence. The original core employs plank log construction, a building material not unusual for area vernacular houses. It later received a porch and was covered with weatherboards. A wing (since removed) was added in the mid-19th century. At one time the Burgandine House was used as a tavern. Despite other modifications the original simple lines of the house

House in the 1930s; photograph taken by the Works Progress Administration
Photograph courtesy of the Library of Virginia

betray its early origins. The house was donated to the town of Culpeper in 1966 and has since served as the headquarters of the Culpeper Historical Society. This small, historic dwelling was restored in 1997.

The Burgandine House is located at 807 South Main St., in Culpeper. Call 540-718-4941 or visit their website for seasonal visiting hours and days as well as additional information.



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