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Buckland Tavern
Photograph courtesy of Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center for Genealogy and Local History, Bull Run Regional Library, Prince William County

This tiny village bravely holds its own against the roar of constant traffic on U.S. Highway 29, which bisects the historic community. Buckland nonetheless is an especially picturesque example of the many mill-oriented settlements that characterized much of the Virginia Piedmont from the late 18th through the 19th centuries. Chartered by the Virginia legislature in 1798, Buckland was the first inland town established in Prince William County. It was an important wagon stop on the main east-west road between Alexandria and the territory beyond the Blue Ridge. The present turn-of-the-century grist mill is believed to be the third mill on this site.

Mill in Buckland Historic District
Photograph from National Register collection

The water for the mill race was fed by Broad Run, which flows by immediately to the north. Also included in the district is an early 19th-century tavern and a small mid-19th-century church. These buildings, in addition to several residential dwellings, sustain the village's historic character.

The Buckland Historic District is centered at the intersectin of Buckland Mill Rd. and Rte. 29, in Buckland.


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