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[photo] Mayfield Cottage
Photo courtesy of Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Mayfield Cottage, the oldest brick house in Dinwidde County, was built c. 1750 and is an excellent example of mid-18th-century Virginia residential architecture. Distinguishing features of this period found at Mayfield include its Flemish bond brickwork, clipped-gable roof, symmetrical five-bay façade and interior paneling. The house was probably built for Robert Ruffin, member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. During the 19th century, the plantation passed from Thomas Tabb Bolling to his son, Edward Osborne Goodwyn, to Edward's sister, Eliza Goodwyn Whitworth, and then to Eliza's daughter, Eliza Willson.

[photo] Mayfield Cottage being moved in 1969
Photo courtesy of Virginia Department of Historic Resources

The location of Mayfield, adjacent to Petersburg, figured prominently in a visit by General Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. Two Confederate defense lines, Fort Gregg and Fort Whitworth, were maintained on the Mayfield property on April 2, 1865, before they fell to Union troops after a fierce struggle. Before retreating to Appomattox, Lee observed this final battle from Mayfield, then home to the Whitworth family.

In 1882 the house and 290 acres, including a granite quarry, was sold by the Willson family to the City of Petersburg, which three years later transferred the property to the Commonwealth of Virginia for Central State Hospital. Mayfield was spared from demolition in 1969 when it was relocated approximately one mile from its original location to a new site on the original Mayfield tract. In 1979, the house was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Caudle. The Caudles undertook the restoration of the house and in 1986 opened Mayfield as an elegant bed and breakfast inn.

Mayfield Cottage is located in Dinwiddie County west of Petersburg at 3348 W. Washington St. (U.S. Rte. 1). The bed and breakfast offers lodging daily. Please call 1-800-538-2381 or visit the website. Mayfield Cottage has also been documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey.

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