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As our list of travel itineraries grows, the historic destinations you can visit online or in person are virtually endless! Each itinerary is a self-guided tour to historic places most of which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Spotlighting different communities, geographic regions and themes across the country, the travel itineraries expose you to a huge variety of places significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture. The Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itineraries can help you plan your next trip!

National Register Travel Itinerary Proposal Guidelines

Your proposal should answer the questions outlined below. You may also find it helpful to view a Sample Proposal.

    1. Would you like to produce a geographic or a thematic travel itinerary? What geographic area or theme will be covered? Briefly discuss how your proposed travel itinerary would address any of the outlined priorities: appeal to a broad audience; properties in empowerment zones and heritage areas; listings reflecting cultural diversity; properties connected across several communities; and focus on a community (or communities) that offers additional tourist information via the Web.

    2. What National Register listed properties would you like to feature in the travel itinerary? Please provide a draft list of places that you think may be appropriate to include. The travel itinerary must focus on a variety of National Register listed properties in a distinct region or community OR the travel itinerary must focus on National Register listed properties that are part of a theme.

    (Note: (National Register of Historic Places database can assist you in selecting properties to include. You may also call NRIS database manager John Byrne at 202-354-2246 to request a computer printout of properties listed for a specific area or period of significance.)

    3. Do you have, or can your State Historic Preservation Office provide, National Register documentation for all of the properties? If not, for which properties will you need copies of the National Register documentation?

    4. Can you provide digitized color and other images for all of the properties?

    5. Can you provide funding to partner with the NPS to develop the proposed itinerary?

    6. Who will be the contact person(s) in your organization working on the travel itinerary? How can they be contacted?

    7. Can you provide draft content for the itinerary in the format that the National Park Service now uses for the itinerary?

Proposals should be sent to:

Please call Carol Shull at 202-354-2234 before preparing a proposal or e-mail at carol_shull [at]


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