National Register Travel Itinerary--Georgia-Florida


46) Cape Florida Lighthouse

Located on the southeast tip of Key Biscayne, the Cape Florida Lighthouse is the oldest surviving lighthouse in Florida. Established in 1825 to mark the Florida Reefs for ships entering Biscayne Bay, the lighthouse sits on the closest point of land to the Gulf Stream. The original tower was destroyed in 1836 during the Second Seminole War. The new tower was not completed until 1845 due to hostile Indian activity. Originally 65 feet high, the tower was raised to 95 feet in 1855. During the Civil War the lighthouse lamp was destroyed by a band of marauders believed to be Confederate soldiers. The lighthouse went out of active service in 1878 but was relit in 1978 and today is open to the public. The restored Keeper's Cottage houses a museum.

South Florida Map Cape Florida Lighthouse is off US Highway 1 on the southeast tip of Key Biscayne just south of Miami Beach. For more information call the Bill Baggs Cape Florida Recreation Area, (305) 361-5811.

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