National Register Travel Itinerary--Georgia-Florida


17) St. Marys Historic District

St. Marys, one of Georgia's oldest towns, is in the southeast corner of the state nine miles from the Atlantic Ocean. St. Marys Historic District encompasses the original grid pattern plan of the town as laid out in 1788. During the late 18th century, St. Marys was a bustling seaport. Historic sites in the district include the "Washington Oak," the only remaining tree of four oaks planted in 1799 on the day George Washington was buried and the 1808 Presbyterian Church, famous for its historic bell, which was cast by Paul and Joseph Warren Revere.

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The St. Mary's Historic District is roughly bounded by Waterfront Road, Norris, Alexander, and the Oak Grove Cemetery. For more information contact the Orange Hall Welcome Center, Osborne and Conyers Streets. (912) 882-4000 or l-800-868-8687.

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