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Historic Places in Chicago
1. Albert F. Madlener House
2. James Charnley House
3. Montgomery Ward and Company Building
4. Chicago Avenue Water Tower and Pumping Station
5. Tree Studio Buildings and Annexes
6. Reid Murdoch Building
7. Marshall Field Building
8. Chicago Public Library (now the Chicago Cultural Center)
9. Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building
10. The Rookery
11. Marquette Building
12. Monadnock Block
13. Old Colony Buildings
14. Manhattan Building
15. Auditorium Building
16. **

South of the Loop
17. John J. Glessner House
18. Eighth Regiment Armory
19. The Overton Hygienic Building
20. Chicago Bee Building
21. Wabash Building
22. East Park Towers
23. Hotel Del Prado
24. Charles Hitchcock Hall
25. Frederick C. Robie House

** The itinerary previously included Soldier Field. Because of incompatible new construction, Soldier Field was dedesignated as a National Historic Landmark, and therefore removed from the itinerary.

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