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Charles Hitchcock Hall
Hitchcock Hall, exterior
Photo courtesy of Jon S. Pohl.

The Charles Hitchcock Hall was designed by Dwight H. Perkins in 1901-1902 as a four-story dormitory for the University of Chicago. Significant in its contribution to the Prairie School movement, the medieval style building exhibits ornamentation detailing local flowers and plants, as well as Sullivanesque decoration.

Hitchcock Hall is constructed of blue Bedford limestone and features a tile roof, high interior chimneys, and sill splays. Tudor arches complement the third and fourth floor windows and gabled wall dormers are highlighted with coping and pinnacles. There are also label molds, a corner tower, and sculpted ornamentation around the door and tower.

The interior plaster walls are detailed with red oak trim and colored Roman brick. Fireplaces are placed within the walls. Located within the building was a clubroom, an infirmary, a kitchen, a breakfast room and a library. Only the clubroom remains as the rest have been converted into dormitory units. Fire escapes have also been added to the north facade.

The Charles Hitchcock Hall is located at 1009 E. 57th St. and is not open to the public.


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