Waterbury Center Methodist Church
Photograph by Tracey Martin, courtesy of the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce

  Waterbury Center Methodist Church pews
Photograph by Richard C. Cote

The Waterbury Center Methodist Church is the primary visual, spiritual and historical landmark of Waterbury Center, a community northeast of Waterbury Village. It is a fine example of rural Federal architecture, one of the most pervasive styles of the early 19th century.

The date 1833 is prominently displayed in a wooden fan adorning the gable end high above the entrance. In addition to this date mark, the church offers many other architectural clues confirming that the building was constructed at the end of the Federal period. Some of the features that distinguish it as such are the church's symmetry, low pitched roof, simple ornamentation, smooth facade, central entry and brick construction. The pinkish bricks were locally manufactured, likely from a brickyard near the Mill Village Historic District. The bell, located in the two-tiered wooden tower, was cast in Troy, New York, in 1836. In 1858, the interior was remodeled, at which time the present pews were installed and a second floor was built, now the sanctuary. Stained-glass windows from 1894 decorate each side of the second floor.

The local Methodist congregation, who historically worshiped at the church, was joined in 1919 by the Baptists. In 1929 the church was sold to the Grange, but in 1963 was finally incorporated as the Waterbury Center Community Church. Up until 1970 the church was heated by wood-burning box stoves. Today the church and its pleasant green continue to provide an important focus for this Vermont village.

The Waterbury Center Methodist (Community) Church is located on Rt. 100 in the heart of Waterbury Center. For further information, visit the Waterbury Center Community Church Website or call 802-244-6286.

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