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[photo] Mission San Juan Bautista, in the San Juan Bautista Plaza Historic District
Photo courtesy of California Division of Tourism; Larry Ulrich photographer

The plaza area of the San Juan Bautista Plaza Historic District, a National Historic Landmark, was once used as a parade ground for Spanish troops. Significant buildings in the district include San Juan Bautista Church, constructed from 1803-1813, (partially rebuilt following the 1906 earthquake), the Plaza Hotel (1868) and stables (1874), and the Josť Castro House, 1840-1841, an adobe house with a two story veranda, constructed by Josť Castro, Commandante of northern California prior to the U.S. occupation. The plan of the town, with its central plaza, is an excellent example of a 19th century village during the Spanish colonial era. The San Juan Bautista Plaza Historic District includes the buildings surrounding the plaza at Washington, Mariposa, and Second Streets.

San Juan Bautista Church, located at 408 S. Second St., is open daily from 10:00am to 4:30pm. For more information visit the website or call 831-623-4526 .



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