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[photo] Rancho el Encino
Photo courtesy of California State Parks

Located in Los Encino State Historic Park, Rancho El Encino consists of two historic residences. The De la Osa Adobe, constructed in the 1840s, is a one story adobe ranch house built by Don Vincente de la Osa soon after he purchased the ranch. The adobe was also used as a stage stop. In 1869 the ranch was purchased by Eugene Garnier, a Basque, who constructed a two story limestone residence in 1872. Garnier developed Rancho El Encino into a sheep ranch. His masonry home was influenced by the design of rural French residences. Several outbuildings, including a "herder's hut" are part of the ranch complex.

Rancho El Encino is located at 16756 Moorpark St. in Encino. It is open 10:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday-Sunday. For further information call 818-784-4849 or visit the park's website.



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