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Novelist and Chesapeake Bay native John Dos Passos recognized the appeal of a place like Baltimore. "The character of a city as a fit place for men and women to live," he wrote, "depends on the survival of intriguing vestiges of the past." These reminders appear throughout Baltimore today: from Fort McHenry to the masterfully planned suburb of Roland Park, through the narrow streets of Fells Point, inside the 19th century Chizuk Amuno Synagogue, and on the deck of the Baltimore.

Now Baltimore: A National Register Travel Itinerary helps you explore both the past and present of this great city. As an on-line tour or as guide to carry while traveling through town, the itinerary uses residential, commercial, industrial, and religious locations to introduce you to more than two centuries of history. It features 43 properties, all of which are listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places, America's official list of places important in our history and worthy of preservation. Through maps, descriptions, and photographs of places both famous and little-known, this guide will show you why residents and visitors are so fond of Baltimore. Visitors may be interested in Historic Hotels of America, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, located in Baltimore including the Lord Baltimore and Admiral Fell Inn.

[photo] Fort McHenry

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