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Sites are listed chronologically within themes, corresponding to the essays at the bottom of this and every page.
You can also explore these places using our Map--which includes a List by State.

Wright Brothers Air Power, continued
Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park -- Dayton, OH Eglin Field Historic District -- Fort Walton Beach, FL
Wright Brothers National Memorial -- Manteo, NC McKinley Climatic Laboratory -- Eglin Air Force Base, FL
Fort Myer Historic District -- Fort Myer, VA Ladd Field -- Fairbanks, AK
Hawthorn Hill -- Dayton, OH Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site -- Tuskegee, AL
Aviation Pioneers United States Naval Base, Pearl Harbor -- Oahu, HI
Glenn Curtiss House -- Miami Springs, FL USS Arizona Memorial -- Oahu, HI
Pearson Field, Fort Vancouver National Historic Site -- Vancouver, WA Opana Radar Site -- Oahu, HI
Stinson Field, Mission Parkway -- San Antonio, TX Hickam Field -- Hickam Air Force Base, HI
William E. Boeing House -- The Highlands, WA Wheeler Field -- Oahu, HI
Gen. William "Billy" Mitchell House -- Middleburg, VA World War II Facilities at Midway -- Midway Atoll
Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker House -- Columbus, OH Radar Station B-71 -- Redwood National Park, CA
Gen. William C. Lee House -- Dunn, NC Dutch Harbor Naval Operating Base and Fort Mears, U.S. Army -- Aleutians Island Chain, AK
Larson Brothers Airport -- Clayton, WI Southwestern Proving Ground Airport Historic District -- Hope, AR
Hangar No. 1, Lakehurst Naval Air Station -- Lakehurst, NJ Fairmont Army Airfield -- Fairmont, NE
Shenandoah Crash Sites -- Buffalo Township, OH Lewistown Satellite Airfield Historic District -- Lewistown, MT
Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. House -- Little Falls, MN Attu Battlefield and U.S. Army and Navy Airfields on Attu -- Aleutians Island Chain, AK
Torrey Pines Gliderport -- La Jolla, CA Truk Lagoon Underwater Fleet, Truk Atoll
Goodyear Airdock -- Akron, OH Orote Field -- Guam
U.S. Naval Air Station Sunnyvale, California, Historic District -- Sunnyvale, CA Tinian Landing Beaches, Ushi Point and North Fields, Tinian Islands -- Guam
Amelia Earhart Birthplace -- Atchison, KS Second--Generation Norden Bombsight Vault -- McCook, NE
Pangborn-Herndon Memorial Site -- East Wenatchee, WA

U.S. Naval Air Station Dirigible Hangar B

Rogers-Post Site -- Barrow, AK Lighter-than-Air Ship Hangars -- Tustin, CA
Terminal Building, Old, Hangar and Powerhouse at Key Field -- Meridian, MS Hangar No. 1 United States Naval Air Station Wildwood -- Naval Air Station Wildwood, NJ
Brigadier General George P. Scriven House -- Washington, DC
Modern Aviation Building 1301, Dover Air Force Base -- Dover, DE
Building No.105, Boeing Airplane Company -- Tukwila, WA Douglas DC-3 Airplane, N34 -- Amarillo, TX
Smith Field -- Fort Wayne, IN B-17G "Flying Fortress" No. 44-83690 -- Peru, IN
Felts Field Historic District -- Spokane, WA Atka B-24D Liberator -- Atka Island, AK
Floyd Bennett Field Historic District -- Brooklyn, NY U.S. Army Aircraft P-51D-25NA 44-73287 -- Springfield, IL
Santa Fe Depot and Reading Room -- Waynoka, OK TBM-3E "Avenger" Torpedo Bomber Warplane -- Naval Station Wildwood, NJ
Pan American Seaplane Base and Terminal Building -- Coconut Grove, FL

USS Lexington -- Corpus Christi, TX

Rhode Island State Airport Terminal -- Warwick, RI USS Yorktown -- Mount Pleasant, SC
Idaho Falls Airport Historic District -- Idaho Falls, ID USS Intrepid -- Manhattan, NY
Administration Building -- Wichita, KS USS Hornet -- Alameda, CA
Newark Metropolitan Airport Buildings -- Newark, NJ United States Air Force Academy, Cadet Area -- Colorado Springs, CO

Bowman Field Historic District -- Louisville, KY

Marine Air Terminal -- New York, NY Goddard Rocket Launching Site -- Auburn, MA
Washington National Airport Terminal and South Hangar Line -- Washington, DC White Sands V-2 Launching Site -- White Sands Missile Range, NM
Air Power US Naval Ordnance Test Facilities, Topsail Island MPS -- Topsail Island, NC
College Park Airport -- College Park, MD Cape Canaveral Air Force Station -- Patrick Air Force Base, FL
Naval Air Station, San Diego, Historic District -- San Diego, CA Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel -- Sunnyvale, CA
Rockwell Field -- San Diego, CA Neutral Buoyancy Space Simulator -- Huntsville, AL
Pensacola Naval Air Station Historic District -- Pensacola, FL

Propulsion and Structural Test Facility -- Huntsville, AL

Scott Field Historic District -- Shiloh Township, IL Redstone Test Stand -- Huntsville, AL
Kelly Field Historic District -- San Antonio, TX Space Launch Complex 10 -- Lompoc, CA
Hangar 9, Brooks Air Force Base -- San Antonio, TX Space Flight Operations Facility -- Pasadena, CA
Crissy Field, Presidio of San Francisco -- San Francisco, CA John F. Kennedy Space Center MPS -- between Jacksonville and Miami, FL
Miller Army Air Field Historic District -- Staten Island, NY Apollo Mission Control Center -- Houston, TX
Pope Air Force Base Early Expansion MPS -- Fayettesville, NC Space Environment Simulation Laboratory -- Houston, TX
Maxwell Air Force Base Senior Officer's Quarters Historic District; Building 800; Building 836 -- Montgomery, AL Rocket Propulsion Test Complex -- Stermis Space Center, MS
Randolph Field Historic District -- San Antonio, TX Saturn V Launch Vehicle -- Huntsville, AL
March Field Historic District -- Riverside, CA Saturn V Dynamic Test Stand -- Huntsville, AL
Hamilton Army Air Field Discontiguous Historic District -- Edwards Air Force Base, CA Rendezvous Docking Simulator -- Hampton, VA
Rogers Dry Lake -- Edwards Air Force Base, CA Lunar Landing Research Facility -- Hampton, VA
Variable Density Tunnel -- Hampton, VA Nike Missile Site HM69 -- Homestead, FL
Full Scale 30- by 60-Foot Tunnel -- Hampton, VA Nike Missile Site C47 -- Wheeler, IN
Eight-Foot High Speed Tunnel -- Hampton, VA Site Summit -- Anchorage, AK
Wendover Air Force Base -- Wendover, UT Minuteman Missile National Historic Site -- Philip, SD
  Air Force Facility Missile Site 8 (571-7) Military Reservation -- Green Valley, AZ
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