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[photo] Remains of Tubac Presidio
Courtesy of Arizona State Parks, 1999

Tubac Presidio (San Ignacio de Tubac) was established in 1752 in response to the Pima Indian Rebellion, an uprising to protest forced labor in local mines and ranches. The presidio (fort) was intended to protect the various missions in the area and to quell further uprisings. Tubac is the oldest of the three Spanish presidios founded in Arizona and was once considered the official capitol of the region. Today the park and museum highlight the contributions of American Indians, Spaniards, Mexicans and Anglo-Americans to Arizona's history and development.

Tubac Presidio State Historic Park is off I-19 in Tubac, Arizona, 45 miles south of Tucson. A museum containing American Indian and Spanish artifacts is located at the site. Open daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm; there is a fee for admission. Please call 520-398-2252, or visit the park's website for further information.



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