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[photo] Za Pueblo
Photo from National Register collection

Over 600 years old, Za Pueblo has two plazas, each with a kiva, surrounded by one- and two-story traditional dwellings of native rock surfaced with mud. Also located on the plazas is the church of Nuestra Seora de la Asuncin, built in 1692 in the Spanish Colonial style. Za is known for its pottery, redware with white slip, and its symbols, particularly the Sun Symbol which appears on the state flag of New Mexico. Za is a "living" pueblo and has been continuously occupied from the 13th century.

Za Pueblo is 16 miles northwest of Bernalillo, New Mexico, on NM 44. No cameras, recording or sketching allowed. The pueblo can be visited daily from dawn to dusk; closed during some religious ceremonies. For more information call the Office of the Governor at 505-867-3304.


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