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[photo] Adobe at Acoma
National Historic Landmarks collection

Acoma, located atop a high mesa, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the United States. Popularly called "Sky City" because of its breathtaking views of the countryside, the pueblo consists of one to three-story adobe house blocks on three parallel streets, a plaza and a mission complex. Mission San Estevan del Rey, constructed between 1629 and 1641, is the oldest church of European construction remaining in New Mexico. Acoma was hostile to Spanish rule and the inhabitants participated in the 1680 Great Pueblo Revolt. Acoma is a "living" pueblo and has been continuously occupied since the 12th century.

Acoma, a National Historic Landmark, is 13 miles south of Casa Blanca, New Mexico, on NM 23. Permits, available at the Visitors Center at the base of the mesa, are required to gain access to the mesa top and pueblo and to take photos. Please call 505-552-6604, or visit the pueblo's website for further information.



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