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The Zuņi Pueblo, seen from a distance and within the pueblo
Photos courtesy of Fern L. Honawa, Pueblo of Zuņi [Photo]

The Zuņi Pueblo occupies the site of Halona, one of six historic Zuņi pueblos in existence when the Spanish entered New Mexico in 1539. These were the pueblos, seen from afar, that had given credence to the Spanish legend of the seven gold Cities of Cíbola and which had led Coronado on his 1540 to 1542 expedition into the Southwest. Today the pueblo incorporates adobe house blocks, modern sandstone dwellings, plazas, hornos (outdoor baking ovens), traditional "waffle gardens," named for their unique irrigation system; and corrals. Zuņi Pueblo is among the largest of the still inhabited or "living" pueblos in the United States.

Zuņi Pueblo is on the Zuņi Indian Reservation, two miles north of Zuni, New Mexico, on NM 53. Visitors are welcome daily from dawn to dusk. Photography by permission only. Please call 505-782-4481 or visit the Zuni Pueblo website for further information.



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