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[photo] Walnut Canyon National Monument
National Park Service digital archive

Walnut Canyon National Monument has over 240 pre-contact Sinagua sites. These include pit house villages built between 500 and 800 CE and several multi-room cliff dwellings and single-room field houses inhabited between 1125 and 1250 CE. By about 1250 the Sinagua people had moved on, leaving the sites as the most obvious reminder of their habitation. These sites are remembered and cared for, not abandoned. 

Walnut Canyon National Monument, administered by the National Park Service, is east of Flagstaff, Arizona, off I-40 at exit 204. The visitor center and trails are open daily except for Christmas, New Year's Day, and unsafe winter weather or Red Flag conditions. The Island Trail closes for entry one hour before the closure of the monument. For the most up do date information please call 928-526-3367 or visit the park's website.


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