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[photo] Two views of Tonto National Monument
National Park Service digital archive [photo]

Tonto National Monument, administered by the National Park Service, contains three prehistoric Salado Indian cliff dwellings constructed c. 1250 to 1300 A.D. The monument consists of the Upper Ruin, with 32 ground floor rooms and eight second story rooms; the Lower Ruin, with 16 ground floor rooms and three second story rooms; and the Lower Ruin Annex. There are also at least 62 additional sites. The Salado were primarily farmers descended from the Hohokam who settled the Tonto Basin in the 700s. Between 1400 and 1450, for unknown reasons, the Salado vacated their cliff dwellings.

Tonto National Monument is 31 miles northwest of Globe, Arizona, on Arizona 88. A Visitors Center and musuem are open daily 8:00am to 5:00pm. The Lower Cliff Dwelling Trail closes to uphill travel at 4:00pm. Please call 928-467-2241, or visit the park's website for further information.

Tonto National Monument is the subject of an online-lesson plan produced by Teaching with Historic Places, a National Register program that offers classroom-ready lesson plans on properties listed in the National Register. To learn more, visit the Teaching with Historic Places home page . Other travel itineraries in the National Park Service's ongoing series include many historic destinations that you can visit online or in person.  Each Discover Our Shared Heritage itinerary spotlights a different geographic region, community, or theme.


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