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[graphic header] The Amana Colonies: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary of a unique historic communal society in eastern Iowa

[graphic] List of Sites


Homestead Dwellings
Blacksmith Shop
Drying House
Homestead Meat Shop and Smokehouse
Community Church Museum
Die Heimat Country Inn


Mill Race
Museum of Amana History
Powder House
Ox Yoke Inn
Colony Inn Restaurant
Amana Woolen Mill
Roger's Anvil/Industrial Machine
Shop Museum
Amana Furniture Shop

Middle Amana

Lily Lake
Communal Kitchen and Coopershop

Hahn's Hearth Oven Bakery

High Amana
High Amana Farm Complex
Taglöhner Houses
Amana Arts Guild Center
High Amana Store
High Amana Cemetery

West Amana

West Amana Barns
West Amana General Store

South Amana

Lower South Hotel
Barn Museum and Communal Agriculture
Baeckerei Bed and Breakfast
South Amana School
Upper South Amana Communal Kitchen
Amana Society Bakery


The Amana Colonies also include a seventh village, East Amana, located north of Amana, however there are no East Amana historic properties featured in this itinerary.


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