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Tubman High School


Tubman High School
Rebecca Rogers

Named in honor of noted Augusta philanthropist Emily Tubman, Tubman High School has played an important role as an educational institution in Augusta since its founding as Neely’s Institute in 1874.  Until the 1950s, it was the only public high school for girls in the Augusta area and is a major local educational landmark. In 1951, the school became a co-educational junior high and now serves as a middle school.

The new Tubman High School was built in 1917, an important result of Augusta’s first public bond referendum in support of education. At the time, Tubman was one of the most modern schools in the South, built with an auditorium to seat 864, a library, a lunchroom, and a principal’s office with an intercom system.  The building also contained 26 classrooms, two study halls, a gymnasium, three domestic rooms, three science laboratories, a faculty room, a teachers rest room, cloak rooms, and a hospital room. It was steam heated, thoroughly ventilated, and “fireproof.” Situated on 10 acres, its grounds had ample facilities for girls’ field sports.  The school illustrates the prevailing philosophy and technology used in the early 20th century for major new schools.

Designed by regionally prominent local architect, G. Lloyd Preacher, and constructed by Palmer-Spivey Construction Co, Tubman High School is also an outstanding example of the Beaux Arts style architecture popular during the early 20th century for public buildings.  The 3-story brick building is monumental, featuring a symmetrical front façade, pedimented entrance with engaged columns, cornice dentils, and terra cotta ornamentation. 

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Tubman High School, now Tubman Middle School, is located at 1740 Walton Way. It is not open for public tours. For information, contact spokesman for Richmond County Board of Education at 706-826-1118.

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