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 [graphic] National Register Bulletin: Historic Residential Suburbs Guidelines for Evaluation and Documentation for the National Register of Historic Places

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U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service


This bulletin was developed under the supervision of Carol D. Shull, Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places. Many individuals representing a variety of preservation organizations contributed to its development. The authors recognize the expert survey and registration activities carried out by State historic preservation programs and the wealth of information about America's suburbs contained in countless nominations to the National Register since its beginnings in 1966. Appreciation is extended to Beth L. Savage and Sarah Dillard Pope of the National Register staff who contributed substantially to the production of this bulletin through their comments and editorial assistance. Thanks is also extended to other members of the National Register for their comments and support: Patrick Andrus, Shannon Bell, Beth Boland, John Byrne, Marilyn Harper, Paul Lusignan, Octavia Pearson, Erika Seibert, and Daniel Vivian.

Special thanks go to several individuals who shared their expert research, provided extensive comments, and directed us to additional sources and perspectives. They include Marty Arbunich, Eichler Network; William Baldwin, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; David Bricker, California Department of Transportation; Claudia Brown, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources; John A. Burns, Historic American Buildings Survey; Robert W. Craig, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Timothy Davis, Historic American Engineering Record; Richard S. Harris, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario; James E. Jacobsen, Des Moines, Iowa; Bruce Jensen, Texas Historical Commission; Richard Longstreth, George Washington University; Susan Mulchahey Chase, University of Delaware; Marty Perry, Kentucky Heritage Council; Catha Grace Rambusch, Catalog of Landscape Records in the United States; Rodd Wheaton, NPS-Denver; Diane Wray, Englewood, Colorado.

In addition, the authors extend their appreciation to the following individuals for their comments on an early draft: Arnold R. Alanen, University of Wisconsin; Mary R. Allman, Littleton Historical Museum, City of Littleton, Colorado; Karen Bode Baxter, St. Louis, Missouri; Claire F. Blackwell, Missouri Department of Natural Resources; Lauren Weiss Bricker, California Polytechnical University-Pomona; Richard H. Broun, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; Dorene Clement, California Department of Transportation; Rebecca Conard, Middle Tennessee State University; Robert Fishman, Rutgers University-Camden; Betsy Friedberg, Massachusetts Historical Commission; J. Bennett Graham, Tennessee Valley Authority; Betsy Gurlacz, Western Springs, Illinois; Karen L. Jessup, Roger Williams University; Thomas F. King, Silver Spring, Maryland; Bruce M. Kriviskey, Department of Planning and Zoning, Fairfax County, Virginia; Antoinette J. Lee, Heritage Preservation Services, NPS; Barbara Mattick, Florida Division of Historical Resources; Vincent L. Michael, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Sheila Mone, California Department of Transportation; Lance M. Neckar, University of Minnesota; Julie Osborne, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department; Barbara Powers, Ohio Historical Society; John Robbins, National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, NPS; Eileen Starr, NPS-Omaha; Don Stevens, NPS-Omaha; Richard D. Wagner, Goucher College, Baltimore; Rachel Franklin-Weekley, NPS-Omaha; Gwendolyn Wright, Columbia University; and Barbara Wyatt, Frederick, Maryland.

We also thank the many other individuals who contributed to this project in various ways, including: Deborah Abele, Phoenix, Arizona; Dorothy Buffmire, Alexandria, Virginia; Charles Birnbaum, Heritage Preservation Services, NPS; Anne Bruder, Maryland Historical Trust; William Callahan, Nebraska State Historical Society; Ralph Christian, Iowa State Historical Society; Richard Cloues, Georgia Department of Natural Resources; James Draeger, Wisconsin State Historical Society; James Gabbert, Oklahoma Historical Society; Martha Hagedorn-Krass, Kansas State Historical Society; Dwayne Jones, Texas Historical Commission; Terry Karschner, New Jersey Department of Parks and Forestry; Shevin Kupperman, Falls Church, Virginia; Peter Kurtze, Maryland Historical Trust; Sara Amy Leach, Historic American Engineering Record; Suzan Lindstrom, Eichler Network, California; Janet McDonnell, NPS; David Morgan, Kentucky Heritage Council; Margaret Peters, Virginia Department of Historic Resources; Greg Ramsey, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; Paula Reed, Hagerstown, Maryland; Lee and Cheryl Siebert, Arlington, Virginia; W. Dale Waters, Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development, Arlington, Virginia; Sherda Williams, NPS-Omaha; Sarah A. Woodward, Charlotte, North Carolina; Arthur Wrubel, Ridgewood, New Jersey; Sherry Joines Wyatt, Charlotte, North Carolina.

We wish to thank the many State historic preservation offices, historical societies, libraries, and other institutions for the use of illustrations from their collections. And finally, we extend our appreciation to Marcia Axtmann Smith for her expertise and recommendations on this publication's design.

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