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U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service

The Examples of Documentation: National Register Casebook (#35) bulletin consists of seven example National Register nominations. They are available in a PDF file. If you do not have a pdf reader, called "Acrobat Reader," you can download one from Adobe.com.

  • Bethany Lutheran Church, Toole County Montana. (page 5 of pdf file) The Bethany Lutheran Church in rural northern Montana represents the struggle of Norwegian immigrant homesteaders to found a community in the early decades of this century. (Listed in 1993. Criteria: A and C. Criteria Considerations: A [religious properties] and B [moved properties])
  • Historic Buildings of Middleburg Multiple Property Submission, Clay County Florida. (page 15 of pdf file) (Includes historic context statement and property type discussion, plus the nomination for the George A. Chalker House) The historic context statement discusses Middleburg's two most important periods of historical development. Several individual properties reflect Middleburg's role in the Second Seminole War (1830s-1840s). Others, like the George A. Chalker House, reflect the town's emergence as a prominent port on the St. John's River in the late 1800s. (Listed in 1990. Criteria: A and C)
  • Sarah Peralta Archeological Site, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. (page 60 of pdf file) This prehistoric occupation site is regionally important to the understanding of Tchefuncte lifeways. Archeological evidence, including ceramics and vertebrate faunal remains, at this 140m X 120m site suggests habitation here between 500 B.C. and A.D. 1200. (Specific locational information is restricted.) (Listed in 1995. Criterion: D)
  • Fort Kent Railroad Station, Aroostook County, Maine. (page 76 of pdf file) This ca. 1902 railroad station connotes the Fish River Railroad's impact on Fort Kent's early twentieth century economic development. (Listed in 1989. Criteria: A and C)
  • Fleischmann Atmospherium Planetarium, Washoe County, Nevada. (page 82 of pdf file) The first atmospherium planetarium of its kind in the world, this building is exceptionally important to the advancement of scientific research and education in Nevada. Built in 1963, its "Populuxe" architecture mirrored the space-age motifs of the 1960s. (Listed in 1994. Criteria: A and C. Criteria Consideration: G [less than 50 years of age])
  • William N. Irish House, Yakima County, Washington. (page 95 of pdf file) This ca. 1903 house was home to William N. Irish, an influential Yakima Valley land developer, orchardist, businessman, and civic leader. The building's architecture reflects a transition between Queen Anne and Colonial Revival design. (Listed in 1992. Criterion: B)
  • William A. Robinson House, Androscoggin County, Maine. (page 102 of pdf file) The William A. Robinson House in the city of Auburn embodies the "late nineteenth century Gothic style of domestic architecture in western Maine." The house is also the most significant surviving work of local architects Herbert and Balstron Kenway. (Listed in 1993. Criterion: C)

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