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(Sample State Request for Removal)

State Historic Preservation Office Minnesota Historical Society

Request for Removal from National Register of Historic Places

Name of Property: Hubbard Lodge No. 130
Address: off Co. Hwy. 6
City/Township: Hubbard Twp.
County: Hubbard

Reason for Removal:

The property has ceased to meet the criteria for listing because the qualities which caused it to be originally listed have been lost or destroyed (36 CFR 60.15(a)).

Dates and Nature of Change:     Burned 14 February 1991


When originally listed on 10 March 1988, the property retained all seven types of integrity (location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association). Burning of the lodge resulted in a total loss of the building's integrity of design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling and association. The integrity of the location is somewhat more intact. Because the significance of the resource was based on its association with the settlers of Hubbard Township and their efforts to provide fraternal and community services to the local residents at the turn of the century, it is the staff opinion that the degree of the loss of integrity has caused the resource to lose its eligibility.


Field check by Historic Preservation, Field Services and Grants Department, April 1991.

Letter to the State Historic Preservation Office from Robert R. Stevens, Chairman, Hubbard Township Board, 19 February 1991.

Prepared by:

Jeanne M. Zimniewicz, Contractor
Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office
February 1992


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